Feedback on reflections

I’ve had two elements of feedback in regards to my writing style. I’m all about self improvement, so I take these to heart and as positive steps forward.

Firstly, my reflection style, it lacks structure. Due to the way I write, I hate feeling constrained. There is nothing better than writing a piece whilst in the middle of self discovery and allowing the writing to take control. The piece can take a direction you honestly didn’t self coming. But in terms of academic writing, I do need a better flow to constrain my ability to ramble and inability to be concise. Consequently, I’m going to spend some research time next week, looking into the academic theories behind reflection. I don’t think i’ve found a style or structure that necessarily suits my writing style, so I’m going to endeavour to experiment and adapt into my own.

Secondly and ironically, that in pieces of writing, where there is a set layout and structure, I end up being too constrained by the structure. The writing has potential but remains held back as I am too orderly in setting out how I think it “should” be. The report I produced, whilst I think had a lot of potential and a lot of work went into it, fell foul of the fact I didn’t do enough analyse with my research. There wasn’t enough probing or enough evaluating. Whilst I came to conclusions, the flow and journey to the conclusions lacked. This feels like it was because, I was too concerned about what goes where and my writing stopped flowing. I didn’t look at each section and consider, what is the impact. Therefore, in regards to the next report, each point will have a purpose and smoothly link into the next, directing towards a conclusion.

Two pieces of worthwhile advice and I know my writing style isn’t to everyone’s taste. The report one especially was useful, as I’ve always completed reports like that since I was 17, so it is about time there is some progression there. More over, reflection is a tool, I’m sure I will use and exploit through-out my professional and business life so I’d like to become better at it and learn more about its purpose.


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