Entrepreneurship Reflection


After my interview (below) with Brigitte from Beauty By The Geeks, some of her answers surprised me.

The fact that, you really can plan all you want within business, but sometimes when things hit the floor, they do their own thing.

The idea of a symbiotic relationship; the benefit of working within a team and how Brigitte and Rose originally labelled themselves as almost a singular unit. The positives and negatives of each, were complimented by the other. Brigitte really describes it as a motivitator and something positive. Nothing in her answers, referred to conflict or frustration. There was an acceptence and awareness of each other,  in regards to Brigitte knowing about her short attention span and being aware of Rose’s dislike of networking.

Knowing Brigitte from the very beginning of her idea conception, to the stage she is at now, I can see her journey and progression. A little like I can see my own progression until this point. It reaffirms to me, that entrepreneurs are not born, they are gradually made. It is a realisation of personality traits, personal networks, motivations, teams, passion, environment and skills that all come together as one and enable entrepreneurial activity.

Seeing her jouney at first hand, the highs and the lows. The realisation of the skills gaps, the mistakes but also the successes, makes me feel empowered about the future. She is inspirational to the notion of having a mission and vision and seeing that through, inspite of the circumstance.

She also shares my promotion of female entrepreneurship, an agenda I’ve always pushed and pushed. Us girls are capable of fantastic things.

So for this week, Brigitte West of Beauty by the Geeks – you are my hero and inspiration. Something I will take away from our discussion is your fearlessness, I endeavour to be as fearless are you.


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