When Fair is Mediocre

Absolutely brilliant rebuttal of my thoughts in regards to sharing the leadership and project management within a team. I do stand firm, that in regards to team learning, people should be allowed experiment and experience different roles within a safe environment. This involves letting people take on roles, even though it might not be in the best interests of the output of the team in the short term. But the team learning and personal development gained, surely in the long term, outweighs this.

But on a day to day basis, regarding the actual functioning of a team and of a business team, I do think there needs to be a sense of leadership. Do I actually think in the long term, this will work effectiently, swapping leadership and having meetings be led by the whole group? No I do not…..but a team learning process, is not about, I told you so. It is about me trying new things and seeing what happens? For all I know, in this team, in this instance, it might work for us.

However, I concur with this blog writers thought, that our motivation to share the leadership, is not out of “effectiveness” or what is “best” for the team. It is about being “fair” which almost certainly at the moment, is contributing to our poor performances as a team. May be we are just all being too nice with each other? Or may be there is a fearsome power struggle between some dominant personalities, that giving leadership, is handing over power and elevating someone? Only time will tell……


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