The Conscientious worker


Results of personality test from

83% – Conscientious

Work ethic, get the job done and done right, strong morals and values, loyal, perfectionist.

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Hard work: The Conscientious person is dedicated to work, works very hard, and is capable of intense, single-minded effort.
The right thing: To be Conscientious is to be a person of conscience. These are men and women of strong moral principles and values. Opinions and beliefs onany subject are rarely held lightly. Conscientious individuals want to do the right thing.
The right way: Everything must be done “right,” and the Conscientious person has a clear understanding of what that means, from the correct way to balance the checkbook, to the best strategy to achieve the boas’s objectives, to how to fit every single dirty dish into the dishwasher.
Perfectionism: The Conscientious person likes all tasks and projects to be complete to the final detail, without even minor flaws.
Love of detail: Conscientious men and women take seriously all the steps of any project. No detail is too small for Conscientious consideration.
Order: Conscientious people like the appearance of orderliness and tidiness. They are good organizers, catalogers, and list makers, and they appreciate schedules and routines.
Pragmatism: Conscientious types approach the world and other people from a practical, no-nonsense point of view, They roll up their sleeves and get to workwithout much emotional expenditure.
Prudence: Thrifty, careful, and cautious in all areas of their lives, Conscientious individuals do not give in to reckless abandon or wild excess.
Accumulation: A “pack rat,” the Conscientious person saves and collects things (storing them in orderly bundles), reluctant to discard anything that has, formerly had, or someday may have value for him or her.

Second highest score…….56% Mercurial – Clever, lively and quick……

Complete results…..

Type Percent
Vigilant 36%
Solitary 43%
Idiosyncratic 44%
Adventurous 32%
Mercurial 56%
Dramatic 50%
Self – Confident 33%
Sensitive 29%
Devoted 22%
Concientous 83%
Leisurely 17%
Aggressive 25%
Self – Sacrificing 44%

As with all self awareness, it starts with getting to know yourself at this point in time. In regards, to these test results, I’m not really surprised. This test asked 120+ questions, based on relationships, sex, work, projects, business, childhood, family and all sorts. So in a sense, you end up answering the questions really honestly, as they don’t reflect onto an ideal of what you’d like to be…..sometimes, personality tests can be distorted, because you answer them with too much idealism.

To those who know me or who have worked along side me, these results will come as no surprise. I do fit the description of a conscientious worker and so now you can potentially see, why I might be perceived like marmite and I have to relax my standards of work. I would however, argue I’m not as prudent as the description makes out. I can be very impulsive and I’m now a rule breaker. Consequently, I’m quite liking to represent myself as “Dexter”, absolute mastermind and genius but slight nightmarish quality to him.

I do have my own routines. My Dad was a very successful business man and I grew up with him suffering from OCD. I have inherited many of his “way” and look on life, however I don’t get as bogged down in the detail as my Father did. I’m also a lot more out of the box creative.

I’m surprised to not see my self confidence higher, as I do think I have a high opinion of myself and my abilities. Afterall, no one else is going to be my biggest fan ( a part from my mum!) so I may as well blow my own trumpet. But then again, as my boyfriend would say, “you’re a lot of front rachel”.

Moreover, I’m shocked to see my devoted score so low. Unless I’ve misinterpretted what that means…..but people who have worked with me, would say I was obsessively committed to things and give 110% for something big or small. But my leisurely score being so low, is not a shock. I’m a “force” and I don’t do things by half…..I believe if you sit back and wait, then things pass you by, so I’m very much, a get up and make it happen. I also have an incredibly fast work pace and I am willing to sacrifice a lot for my work to be a success, hence some of the reasons for being perceived as a geek, workaholic, intimidating……but it feels right, for me….and most importantly, I get a huge thrill from completing things and doing them super well.

Having a medium dramatic score is also surprising. I consider I am quite a dramatic person really but I guess, because I’m introverted and not outwardly emotional, may be I believe I am more dramatic than I am on the outside. I have grown to have a thicker skin, especially professionally and things that would have once, made me take to my bed with woe, now may niggle at the back of my mind, but I recover pretty quickly. However, I believe my dramatic side is the thing that drives me, I’m passionate and I’m driven. I fall in love with things and what so badly to achieve them.

So to consider my scores from a team learning aspect, my conscientious side will be more of a challenge for myself, than for the team. So i’m sure lots of frustrated blog posts will follow. The group may also find my solitary work nature difficult to understand. But to turn it on its head, I may be a driving force of the business and the group….I will be the person with the eye on the practicalities and the detail……….

Only time will tell….


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